My name is Josh Craig. This will be my first year working as an NYC physics teacher and I’m an aspiring writer. I have one novel looking for a home right now and others on the way. I write fantasy, usually of the urban variety. Other than that I like to rollerblade and make my own soda.
This is a space where I share whatever’s on my mind, from teaching to writing to anything I’m thinking at the moment. I’ll try to be insightful and entertaining but make no promises about either. Take a look around and stay awhile if you’d like. And if you’ve got anything to say I’ll be happy to hear it.
I’m also on Twitter: @joshcraigtweets

And I plan on reading and reviewing books on Youtube: youtube.com/user/joshcraigreads

6 comments on “About

  1. Making your own soda…. now that’s impressive. Good luck with the blog.

  2. selfbeside says:

    hi Craig, I found your blog in the freshly pressed, by the way I also looking for a new theme, and I thought your theme is my “inspiration” so I ended to activate the same theme for my blog. Please don’t be mind *big smile

  3. Good luck with the teaching! If you’re looking for a new book to review, maybe you’ll consider my retail memoir?


  4. isylumn says:

    Well, Josh Craig, you’re obviously no friend of mine. I wondered why I received no replies and find my beggary post removed. Can’t you taste greatness? I know most people here dream of such potential. I see that on every post by hopeful writers. It is something we can achieve together and it won’t happen without you (or someone else, clearly someone else?) . Instead, at most, you’ll probably eviscerate my novels or do nothing and condemn them to continued obscurity. Karma, man, karma – as pathetic a threat that is.

  5. Hey, Mr. Craig! Just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Click the link for more details…


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